– Community responds to homeless students

Did you know that “nearly 800 students in Spotsylvania and Stafford schools are homeless”? Several stories have appeared in the Freelance Star that highlight the problems of poverty and homelessness.  Many may see the problem as an individual problem… the homeless man on the corner, the begger woman at the library, the young man asking for change at the gas station.  Although these images do summarize the problem, but only up to a point.  Many of the hungry and underprivlaged that we don’t see out in the open are families.  These days families do without, all around, and with joblessness as high as it is, even those that got by 5-years ago just fine, are finding things harder now.  To get a better picture of the sort of issues that face Fredericksburg, take a look at some of these other articles:

Lingering Unemployment Likely to Challenge Obama and the Nation

Social workers aid homeless teens – Community responds to homeless students.

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