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Awesome accomplishments by this young man!

The young life of Michael Robinson is a story of sweat, studies and struggle. He is Springbrook’s first Ron Brown scholar; the designation, named after the late Clinton administration commerce secretary, comes with a $40,000 scholarship. It’s the latest accolade for an 18-year-old who grew up fatherless on a diet of canned foods and rice, endured months in a homeless shelter, and is now a first-generation college prospect choosing among Columbia, Princeton and Yale.


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Homeless forced to leave Dale City tent camps along I-95 – The Washington Post

At least 80 people are believed to live in tents scattered through the area, near a Prince William County winter shelter, a bus terminal, a Kmart and some fast-food places. In the woods nearby, small neighborhoods have sprung up with camps. Some have wooden lean-tos, generators, TVs, heavy dinner tables.

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Did you know that “nearly 800 students in Spotsylvania and Stafford schools are homeless”? Several stories have appeared in the Freelance Star that highlight the problems of poverty and homelessness.  Many may see the problem as an individual problem… the homeless man on the corner, the begger woman at the library, the young man asking for change at the gas station.  Although these images do summarize the problem, but only up to a point.  Many of the hungry and underprivlaged that we don’t see out in the open are families.  These days families do without, all around, and with joblessness as high as it is, even those that got by 5-years ago just fine, are finding things harder now.  To get a better picture of the sort of issues that face Fredericksburg, take a look at some of these other articles:

Lingering Unemployment Likely to Challenge Obama and the Nation

Social workers aid homeless teens – Community responds to homeless students.

A Twitter request « Feeding America Blog

JC Dwyer, the Public Policy Director at the Texas Food Bank Network, never imagined a call for help could come from social media. During the 2011 Anti-Hunger Policy Conference, he told Feeding America about a surprising inquiry from a Twitter follower, and why he felt confident this man would get the help he needs through the well-functioning nutrition safety-net that includes  both charitable and government-funded programs.

A Twitter request « Feeding America Blog.

Next meal elusive for hundreds of thousands of needy in D.C. area – The Washington Post

More than 400,000 Washington area residents experienced periods of hunger and empty cupboards during the recession, including tens of thousands living in some of the country’s most affluent counties, according to a new study released Thursday.

Statistics like this are sometimes hard to believe.  The interactive study paid for by Feeding America is a great way to put into perspective the shortfalls individuals and families face trying to put food on the table.  The index measures the level of “Food Security” in the United States. Food Insecurity is the the state of, or risk of, being unable to provide food (to oneself, or family.  According to the index, Washington, D.C. has a food insucurity rate of 15.8%, or 93,180 people.  Although there is a link between food insecurity and poverty, many individuals and families that are considered food insecure are actually not considered impoverished. 

The study, “Map the Meal Gap,” used Agriculture Department, 2010 Census and unemployment data for a sweeping county-by-county portrait of hunger in America

By donating to charity organizations committed to easy the problem of hunger in the area is a great way to help. 

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Bring In Your Boxes. Get A Free Bowl. | Capital Area Food Bank

This program just makes me sad that our Noodles and Company here in the Fredericksburg area aren’t participating.  However, if you’re close to one of the listed locations, you should take full advantage.  Not only are you helping out those in need, but the return on investment (only 3 boxes of mac & cheese) is totally worth it.

Thanks to the CAFB for this opportunity, and man is Noodles and Company awesome… I love their bowls.

Bring In Your Boxes. Get A Free Bowl. | Capital Area Food Bank.